Application Process 


We will continue to welcome applications at any time.  We have learned it takes many visits to gather all the necessary information for a complete application and to assess level of need for tuition assistance.  So please start with the a phone call or email to us!  An interview is very important to assess compatibility in our learning environment.  We are interested in parents that are willing to make a commitment to their child's early education, regular attendance and routine.


Phase In Process

For now, the Montessori American Indian Childcare Center will generally accept children three times during the year.  In the fall (September), in the winter (January), and in the late spring (May).  This allows us to welcome children into our environment in a respectful way. We take the time to prepare our current children for the arrival of new children and to welcome the new children in a good way.  We recognize that 'transitions' are very important for young children and we want to respect their needs first.  It takes time for everyone to adapt to our new friends and re-establish a safe and nurturing environment. By staggering our Phase In process of new children, we want to ensure everyone a wonderful experience during this very significant time!

You can download our application here.  We are interested in offering access to all American Indian children, please call for further information about scholarships and support in accessing other sources for financial support.



Pathway II Provider

MAICC is pleased to share that a limited number of Pathway II funds are available for families that meet the income guidelines to assist with the tuition expense. These funds require an application using the Pathway I application.


We also want to encourage ALL American Indian families to apply for the Pathway I Scholarships available through Think Small.  Below is the link to apply. 

 Think Small Early Learning Pathway I Scholarship Instructions




We would be happy to mail you an application as well. 

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